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How You ll Make a Difference

Assembles necessary supplies and equipment, and administers intravenous, spinal, and other anesthetics prior to surgical or other medical procedures. Monitors patients reactions and vital signs during and after anesthesia and takes remedial action when warranted. Submits postoperative report on patients condition, and maintains records of anesthetics administered.

Provides anesthesia services, including general, regional, and monitored anesthesia care to patients which includes: the induction of anesthesia; the maintenance of anesthesia at the required levels; the support of life functions during the administration of anesthesia, including induction and intubations; the recording of all pertinent events during the induction of, maintenance of and emergence from anesthesia; the recognition and the taking of appropriate corrective action (including requesting consultation when necessary) for abnormal patient responses to anesthesia or to any adjunctive medication or other form of therapy; and the professional observation and resuscitative care (including requesting consultation when necessary) until the patient has regained control of hisher vital functions.

Performs pre-anesthesia functions including: determining that an appropriate pre-anesthetic examination has been made by a physician; insuring that relevant tests have been completed and a thorough assessment of the patient has been performed; reviewing the patient's condition immediately prior to the induction of an anesthesia; checking the readiness, availability, cleanliness, sterility when required and working conditions of all the equipment used in the administration of anesthetic agents prior to administering anesthesia.

Performs post-anesthesia duties including: remaining with the patient until it is safe to transfer responsibility for care to other qualified individuals; advising personnel responsible for post-anesthetic care of specific problems presented by the patient's condition; administering post-operative epidural pain relief and other post-operative analgesia in collaboration with the surgeon and making post-anesthetic visits regarding the presence or absence of anesthesia related complications.

Responsible for narcotic accounting and distribution.

Responds to life threatening, Code BlueCode 4 and respiratory emergencies if available by establishing and maintaining an airway under the direction of a physician. Assists nursing units with difficult intravenous (IV) insertions when requested, when available and when attempts by other professionals have been unsuccessful.

May administers anesthesia under the supervision of the operating surgeon.

May provides labor analgesia in the Birth Day Center.

Maintains knowledge of scientific theory, research findings, current practice and applicable standards.

May participate in departmental improvement processes and ASC processes when appropriate.

Performs various patient positioning and transporting duties, which require lifting and pushingpulling, while utilizing proper technique.


License & Certifications

Registered Nurse license issued by the state in which the team member practices, and

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